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  • SupportWerx is best known for our work in the jewelry industry. Diamantaires, manufacturers, designers, and retailers rely on SupportWerx for their marketing, branding, and execution. Our knowledge of the jewelry industry and its players will pay big dividends for you.
  • SupportWerx' owner was CEO of Rio Grande Jewelers' Supply, and many of the SupportWerx team have worked in jewelry business. We understand jewelry from creation through sale - and this really makes a difference when it comes to putting together a strong marketing program!
  • Jewelry designers are near and dear to our heart at SupportWerx. We serve many of the top designers in the world and a host of up-and-coming designers too! Are you a designer in a different field? SupportWerx also markets for accessories, clothing, industrial, and software designers!
  • Considering our start in the jewelry industry, it's no surprise that SupportWerx keeps jewelry retailers at the top of our competencies! SupportWerx can help your jewelry retail business with everything from print to digital to events.
  • SupportWerx supports jewelry manufacturers and also boutique manufacturers in other industries with similar challenges of marketing through distributors and directly to the public. Most marketers just don't understand manufacturing like SupportWerx!

Social Subscription Services

Jewelry is Our Wheelhouse

Do you want us to communicate with your customers about diamonds, write intelligent copy about diamond properties, understand the GIA's position on the elements that go into the grade of a diamond, know the difference between the various grading labs, and still be able to present emotional copy and brilliant visuals that speak to the emotional heart of a diamond buyer?  We do that.

Do you want us to create rich, powerful advertising that helps consumers understand why your jewelry or your jewelry business is so important to them? We do that.

Do you want us to create social media programs that help you take those wonderful, warm relationships you have with your customers and extend them to the every-day, and not just the days they come into your store? We do that.

Do you want us to express why metal that has been crafted by hand, hammered by a metal-smith and not just cast to look hammered should matter to your target customer? We do that.

Do you want us to help you design events and promotions that get your target consumers excited about shopping for jewelry and engaging with genuine jewelry experts? We do that.

Or maybe you want us to design and deliver a training program that will educate and prepare the salespeople promoting your line at your dealer/retailers - helping them to emotionally attach to your line and feel completely prepared to sell it. We do that too.

At SupportWerx, our feet are firmly planted in the jewelry industry. From our extensive industry network to our ability to understand every aspect of jewelry, SupportWerx is the marketing partner for your jewelry business.

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