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The Language. The Tools. The Tech Savvy. We Market Software.

To say we stumbled into software marketing wouldn't be quite right - our owner has a strong background in database, software, and applications. We didn't set out to market software developers, yet when it happened, it made complete sense. 

Our strategy division StrategyWerx helps all kinds of business owners develop growth plans, find funding, and run successful businesses. Software developers are a part of that. So when our software clients needed promotional materials to do their funding dog-and-pony shows, we did the work for them - and a blossoming software marketing business took off from there.

As an agency that is heavily engaged in both the licensed (Adobe, Microsoft, iOS) and open source (Joomla, Drupal, Magento, WordPress, Android) worlds, we understand software, the language, the effort, and the goals and objectives of software firms from both the consuming and the producing perspectives. So when software developers want us to market their business, their products, and their brands, they don't need an interpreter - we already speak the language.

If you are a software developer with marketing needs to consumers, distributors, retailers, or the financial community, SupportWerx has all the experience and skills you need to create a compelling marketing strategy.

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