Video Marketing

Video marketing is more important than ever before. Companies of every size and type are using video on websites, in social media, for internet advertising, and trade events. You can't afford to market without video! And you don't have to be a big business with a massive marketing budget to tap into the power of video marketing. SupportWerx can help you put together professional videos within a budget you can afford. So what are your big video marketing ideas?

  • Product or brand promotions?
  • Training for sales staff promoting your lines?
  • Brand enhancements?
  • Artist statements?
  • Video blogs?
  • Event recaps?

All SupportWerx videos are professionally edited in-house, using Adobe tools and our very talented editing team. Our fees will be based on live camera time (if required) and story creation, production, and editing time. Camera time differs from market to market, and we work with videographers everywhere in the United States and Canada. Writing, production, and editing is billed out at an hourly rate. The SupportWerx team is highly creative, efficient, and  business  savvy, with the added advantage that we know your business, so we get it right.

Whatever your ideas are, bring them to SupportWerx and we'll help you bring them to life. your social media marketing partner

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