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  • From mine to market, the jewelry industry relies on SupportWerx for marketing, branding, and execution. Our deep knowledge of the jewelry industry will pay big dividends for you.
  • We understand jewelry from creation through the sale - and this really makes a difference when it comes to putting together a strong marketing program!
  • Jewelry designers are near and dear to our hearts. We serve all levels - from top brands to up-and-comings. We also market for accessories, clothing, and lifestyle brand designers.
  • We understand retail — both the way it was in the past, and the omni-channel world of the future. Let us help you make that transition and build your retail business.
  • In addition to jewelry retailers, we support many other types of small and family-owned retailers. WerxMarketing is a small business advocate.
  • We market jewelry manufacturers and boutique manufacturers in other industries with similar challenges of marketing through distributors and directly to the public. Most marketers just don't understand manufacturing like we do.
  • Independent luxury business is competing successfully against the national luxury brands, particularly in the luxury services arena. Let us help you craft a marketing plan that will resonate with your target customers.


We Focus on Specific Industries

WerxMarketing is primarily known for our work in the jewelry industry. Our parent corporation Hill Management Group, LLC is owned by Andrea Hill, one of the most respected advisors in the jewelry industry, and our sister companies StrategyWerx and MentorWerx focus on supporting jewelry business owners with strategic planning, business growth, operations, human resource strategies, and every type of support jewelry business owners need. 

Our work in the jewelry industry includes diamantaires, manufacturers, designers, and retailers, and SupportWerx is particularly fluent in how to market at each of these levels. So it's only natural that we have developed significant business in the independent retail, broader designer, and boutique manufacturing industries as well. This specific focus on jewelry and our specialties in retailing, boutique manufacturing, and the development of designers as brands makes WerxMarketing a well-rounded and well-versed marketing partner for you.

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